Bajo Un sólo Cielo/Under a Single Sky

poetry | theatre





Visual Art projects with Amelia Jiménez and Ingrid Mayrhofer included printmaking, photography and collage.

Amelia asked participants to 'write' a letter only through pictures. The collage/letters were then read by someone else and translated by the writer.

-letters by Marcelo, Adrián, Carlos and Isaac

Ingrid brought the 'portable' Print Studio to the UFCW Support Centre front room. Participants created potato stamps, and used styrofoam plates for images related to the Day of Dead.

-prints by Marcelo, Adrián, Carlos, Vicente and María

Funded by OAC-AIC/W, Canada Council (Inter-Arts, and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

Photo documentation by Jeff Bush.


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