Bajo Un sólo Cielo/Under a Single Sky

poetry | visual art






Beatriz Pizano worked with four participants on a number of sketches in one afternoon.

An imaginary phone call home produced two mini scripts. Participants presented and discussed them in the group, and added the titles after.

La madre preocupona, by Mireya and Gaspar interpreted the conversation between a mother working in Canada and her 16 year-old son who is looking after his siblings in Mexico.

PADRE RESPONSABLE, by Paola and Pedro, who play a young couple with two children. The wife is back home looking after 'his' children in Mexico, asking him about money. The husband says that there hasn't been much work, and asks about the children. She answers that it's afternoon and doesn't he know that they are in school. Her tone becomes more aggressive, and when she asks what he is doing, if he is behaving himself, he responds that his phone card is running out, and he will call her back later.

Another scenario between the two men FALSEDADES and the two women COSAS DE LA VIDA, addresses problems at work and unresolved issues with the accommodations.

Discussion following the presentations: There is never enough time to cook, one bathroom for 10 women is inadequate, and there is no heat in the house. Complaints about sexual harassment are not taken seriously by the foreman, and the male co-workers side with the offender.


Funded by OAC-AIC/W, Canada Council (Inter-Arts, and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

Photo documentation by Jeff Bush.


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