Greeting to Taniperla


Greeting to Taniperla includes the reproduction of a mural painted in 1998 by members of 10 Mayan communities in Taniperla, Chiapas, and Mexico. The mural was destroyed by the army upon its inauguration. In April/May 2000 Red Tree worked with guest artists, community members and students from Toronto schools to create a mural at the site of the Scarboro Mission. Images by professional artists and community members respond to the message of the original mural: a message of peace, harmony and unity based on traditional Mayan community values.

Artists: Hannah Claus, Claire Carew, Sady Ducros, Lynn Hutchinson, Raffael Iglesias, and Shelley Niro

Guest participants: Mayan community activist Nicolás Pérez Gómez, Chiapas; Sergio (Checo) Valdez Ruvalcaba, Professor, Popular Communications, Autonomous Metropolitan University, (Xochimilco), Mexico; students from two Toronto high schools, school children, and community members

Yasmin Mewa, Valentina Churlova, Sun Mee Kim, Stefan Carew-Samuel,Siham Hameed, Shamita Parhoo, Nery Espinoza, Nancy Niklas, Martí Mayrhofer-Lima, Maria Silva, Lindsey Richmond, Kei Acedera, Kathleen McCarthy, Julia Jagielowixz, Joy Hansri, Joshua Barndt, Jesse Blight, Janice Young, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Graham Knopp, Gillian Thorton, Francisco Marroquin, Evan Carew, Emmanuel Antwi, Eloisa Liquiran, Wlizabeth Weigand, Elipda Moretas, Alejandra Umaña, Dennis Calnan, Debra Carew, Deb McGuigan, Milton Medeiros, Danielle Carew-Samuel, Chelsea Braam-Carew, Cathleen Carey, Carol Anne Robichaud, Andy Yau, Amyna Mandani.

The project was funded by the Toronto Arts Council, the Canada Council Inter-Arts and numerous private donations.


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