Bajo Un sólo Cielo/Under a Single Sky

poetry | theatre | visual art



The third phase of Red Tree’s collaboration with migrant workers in Norfolk County took place in late summer and fall of 2008, and integrated aspects of visual art, dub poetry and theatre. Workshops were held on Sunday afternoons, at the UFCW Support Centre in Simcoe.
Approximately 30 workers participated in poetry, visual art and theatre workshops during eight weeks in September and October. The resulting text and images will be compiled into a workbook.

Artists: Klyde Broox, Amelia Jiménez, Beatriz Pizano, Ingrid Mayrhofer.

Participating Agricultural Workers: Marcelo Pérez Saldívar, Nigel Espinosa, Felipe Díaz, Fernando Pichardo, Paola Gamoneda Huerta, Pedro Castro Vigeras, Juan Albornos Hernández, Juan Nelson Escalante Baas, Gaspar Ramírez, Ramírez, Mireya Alejandra López Paredes, Mayolo Hernández Mendoza, Daniel  Pérez Quiróz, Gaspar Mejía Olvera, Esteban Sánchez N., Augustus Lewis, Adrián René Aguilar Ibáñez, Máximo Ortíz Hernández, Carlos García Pérez, Enrique Morales Morales, Delfino Provisor Pérez, Roberto Moreno Rincón, Eduardo Hilario Martínez Martínez, Hilario Soza Babadillo, Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez, Isaac Hernández Sebastian, Jesús Cabrera, Pedro Cordero, Julio Villegas, Sixto Mungía, Vicente.

Photo documentation by Jeff Bush.

Generously supported by OAC-AIC/W, Canada Council (Inter-Arts), and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)


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