From One place to Antoher/Las dos realidades


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Mayworks Toronto

Norfolk Arts Centre Simcoe


From the summer of 2006 to fall 2007, migrant farm workers from Trinidad and Mexico took photographs in Norfolk County, and in their home communities.

Discussion of the images and their context resulted in the selection of photographs for exhibition at the Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe (2007), Mayworks Festival in Toronto (2008), and on Labour Day 2008 in Hamilton.

Slide presentations of the project: OCAD (2007), The Art of Engagement (Vancouver 2007), and at the Verge Series (Langley 2008)

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Artists: Nery Espinoza, Sally Frater, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Klyde Broox

Participating Agricultural Workers: Marcelo Perez Saldivar, Fulgencio Mejía Ibarra, Rafael Larios Barbosa, Santiago Martinez Rodriguez, Martín Rodriguez Sierra, Jesús Tinajero Rodriguez, Ronald Audin, Sean Mapp, Nigel Espinosa, Christino Pierre, Clarence Pierre

Technical Assistance: Julio Ferrer, Tariq Sami

Generously supported by OAC-AIC/W and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

contact: Hamilton

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