CIEnfuegos/Havana - Peter Karuna


Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday (Mañana, Hoy, Ayer)
Peter Karuna, 2009.
Esta instalación no hubiera sido posible sin la ayuda de todos mis amigos en Cienfuegos: Rubén Suárez, Ernesto Rodríguez, Rafaela Pernas, Arcadio Capote, Yoslandi Torres, Delio E. Delgado, Yelenis Montero, Ailema Valdoví, Frank E. Sarría, Yanet Martínez, Alberto Veloz, Andrew McPhail, Romel Romero, Dayana Quesada, Adrián Rumbaut, Rafael Cáceres, Lisbany García, Gretell Gárciga;
y en La Habana: Fidel García, Harold Vázquez, Pavel Acosta, Yuneikys Villalonga, entre otros; y Grupo ReMix


Primarily working in photo-based practice, Karuna has long critiqued the branding and intrusion of human industry upon the environment. He responds to the challenge of site-specific intervention with a counter-challenge and is preoccupied with how to overcome his own fatalist dilemma in failing to recognize when he might find himself susceptible to cultural imperialism.

Karuna’s ambitious intent to cover the entire ceiling of a gallery space (approximately 20 ‘ x 30 ‘) in the Cienfuegos Art Centre with used clothing evolved into a “great collaborative experience.” Despite a general shortage of goods in Cuba local artists, staff and neighbours of the Arts Centre lent their clothes, and reaffirmed the artist’s belief in the value of art as a socially relevant act.

The challenge for Phase II of his intervention is whether he will garner the same support for his intent at home, in order to repeat the action in Hamilton’s newly renovated City Hall in September. 


Funded in part by OAC (Visual Arts Projects, International Touring and Exhibition Assistance Grants), Canada Council (Visiting Foreign Artists and Visual Arts Travel Grants)


contact: Hamilton
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