Recent Projects

Canada without shadows/
kanada Bizo uchalipe - 2010/2011

4-part sound installation by Lynn Hutchinson Lee 
and Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić
presented at BAK in Utrecht, Netherlands and
the Roma Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia

scouring city, brushing sky - 2010 

a community arts project of Red Tree and
c3collective with community partner Working Women Community Centre and union partner Service Employees International Union. Scouring City, Brushing Sky expresses the important social contribution, the hopes and dreams of women who toil in our office buildings and workplaces, often after everyone has gone home.

(The Cuban Exchange Project)

Cienfuegos: March 2009
Havana: April 2009
Hamilton: August/September 2009

Simcoe Migrant Farm Workers
(working title)

2008: Un Sólo Cielo/Under a Single Sky 
| poetry | theatre | visual art |

2007: From One Place To Another: Las Dos Realidades

Shukar Lulugi (Beautiful Flower)


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