Nunca Más/Never Again

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Dan Heap (1925-2014) at unveiling, May 7, 2000

Nunca Más involved the Guatemalan community in Toronto in the building of a monument to the victims of Guatemala’s civil war. Over the weekend of October30 and 31, 1999, members of Red Tree worked with community members, human rights activists, and museum visitors at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art.  The project comprises hundreds of clay tiles engraved with names of people and villages, victims of the Rios Montt dictatorship’s scorched earth campaign. Space, materials and production for this project were generously provided by the George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. The monument was unveiled at Toronto City Hall’s Peace Garden on May 7, 2000, for a two-month installation.
Red Tree Participants: Nery Espinoza, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Lynn Hutchinson, and Amelia Jiménez

Photographs by David Maltby and Ingrid Mayrhofer

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