LOKI GILI/Song of Sorrow, Song of Hope



-a multi-disciplinary project with Roma Community. Public presentation of an art exhibition and performance held at Culture Link. LOKI GILI shows Roma as they see themselves, their families, their community, their city. Roma community participants, working with Red Tree artists and community animators, developed a unique and dynamic vision of the rich Romani culture and their hopes for the future.

Artists and participants:
Quilt: Gyongyi Hamori, Elvira Kofalvi, Rita Korosi, Hajni Hamori and Maria Vince worked with multimedia artist Amelia Jimenez and animator Sue Fazekas
Photography: John Donoghue and animator Ilidko Gulyas held photography workshops with youth – Scarlette Farkas, Bela Lazi, Gergo Balogh and Zsolt Balogh – to produce intimate portraits of their families and friends.
Mural: Amelia Jimenez and Samina Mansuri joined RCC member Lynn Hutchinson to paint murals with the women’s multimedia group, joined by Nazik Deniz.
Spoken word: Poet Spin and community animator Constantin Anghel worked with youth to develop a live performance.
Music: Ronald Lee of the Roma Community Centre has co-ordinated the traditional table song, with singer Constantin Anghel and drummer Amdi Asanoski.


contact: Toronto


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