Art on the Trail
The East End of Hamilton is home to the Pipeline Trail, a 6 km, 20 m wide trail
that was built between 1856-1859, and contains the pipes carrying water 
from the Waterworks at Woodward Avenue to a reservoir located in the Niagara
escarpment. During the past 3 years, a group of community members has been
working together to revitalize the trail. Their achivements include a Pollinator’s Garden 
(established in 2015); regular clean- up efforts and an annual parade which this year includes 
dancers, drummers and a DJ.
In collaboration with Pipeline Trail Hamilton And Hamilton Dialogues, Red Tree is participating
in a series of workshops for artists and community members to explore different disciplines and 
ideas in 2017/18. 
This pilot project is part of our plan to engage our neighbours in collectively creating artworks 
and events, and to introduce artmaking as a permanent feature of the trail.

Klyde Broox – poetry 
Tara Bursey – visual art 
Ingrid Mayrhofer – printmaking 
Hitoko Okada – fabric art 
Brian Piitz - photography 
Alex Menjivar/Sound Effect Crew- dance 
Judy Sault – ceramic art 

The workshops are coordinated by Elizabeth Seidl and Bethany Osborne.
For more information and to register for a workshop, please contact 

supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Hamilton






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