Of Food and form

Artists from Thorncliffe and Fleminton Park: Nighat Sheikh, Zakia Rahime, Sufia Ali, Renata Futo, Farah Nasri, Lubna Samad, Rabia Nasri, Hamna Samad, Sabina Ali; and
from Red Tree Artists’ Collective: Amelia Jiménez, Samina Mansuri and Ingrid Mayrhofer.

“Of Food and Form” represented the second phase of a collaboration between Red Tree artists and women from the Thorncliffe and Flemington Park neighbourhoods. The first phase, Dishing (summer 2011), had introduced different hand-building methods in red clay, and participants gained confidence and skill by creating individual pieces. The second phase (spring 2012) was intended to build on the earlier exploration of “dishes” through collaboration not only with the artists but also with each other. Participants discussed their ideas, decided on the format of pie-shaped parts, and created pieces that reference a wide range of experiences and interpretations of food and form. Assembled on four plywood panels, the individual pieces contribute to a cohesive collective image.

Red Tree gratefully acknowledges the support of the Toronto Arts Council. We also thank Ken Gangbar, Jenner Jean Marie Community Centre, Thorncliffe Neigbourhood Office, Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee and Sabina Ali.  


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