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of food and form part 2

Dishing  Part 1

Thorncliffe Park 

The project initiated dialogue on the ecology of food from diverse cultural points of view. Food can evoke memories of home, of childhood, comfort, traditions, and happiness; it can also be fraught with guilt, obsession, scarcity, and greed. Building on the everyday and universal topic of food, its preparation and consumption as the subject matter of artistic inquiry, and transforming the “plate” or “dish” into a vehicle for artistic expression affirms art as an inherent part of social existence. Special ‘plates’ connected to birth, coming of age, marriage, medicine, may find ingredients in the local market and neighbourhood garden.

The artists invited participants to share ideas about food, and to create artworks that reflect their knowledge and experiences.

Red Tree gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council’s Artists and Community Collaboration Program for Visual Arts. We also thank Ken Gangbar, Jenner Jean Marie Community Centre, Thorncliffe Neigbourhood Office, Thorncliffe Park Women's Committee and Sabina Ali.  


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