scouring city, brushing sky

The participants in this project came as immigrants and refugees in search of safety and a new life for themselves and their families. Many women who work in cleaning are non-unionized, racialised and low-income, and often cannot negotiate good working conditions or living wages.

Through written and spoken word, tableau vivant photographs, painting and printmaking, project participants - Liliana Chavez, Jamesha Durrant, Alba Mondragon, Patricia Quiroga, Maria Teves, Beatriz Salazar, Noemi Valle, along former participants Griseldina Camilo, Luz Vazquez and Sandra Gonzales - share their stories with us. Joining them are WWCC Community Engagement Co-ordinator Diana Grimaldos and volunteer Andrea Acosta. Project artists are Margo Charlton, Amelia Jiménez and Lynn Hutchinson, with community co-ordinator Gina Csanyi.

Red Tree and c3collective gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council’s Artists and Community Collaboration Program for Integrated Arts, Ontario Arts Council’s Community Arts’ Artists in the Community/Workplace Program, Service Employees International Union and Working Women Community Centre whose assistance have made this project possible. We gratefully acknowledge Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre and Mayworks Festival for their enthusiastic support in exhibiting Scouring City, Brushing Sky. We also thank Karen Aguiar, Gregoria Cid, and Esther Bedon, the childcare workers at our Saturday morning workshops.  

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